Ski school

Children's ski levels

Ski school



The Micropeaks Club

Children from 3.5 to 5 years old

For children who have never skied or who have only gone to kindergarten

The mice

Children from 6 years old

An adapted pedagogy for the greatest, extraordinary progress

Those who have already skied

The international crystal

Entry requirement: Bronze Mouse (ourson)

linked elementary turns

Acquisition of gestures

Basic skidded turns. Skidding at an angle and rounded skidding

The bronze crystal

Entry requirement: International crystal (flocon)

Elementary turns, skiding on blues

Acquisition of gestures

Basic parallel ski turns, direct track facing the slope with well-marked changes in terrain (hollows, bumps, etc.). Rounded skidding

The silver crystal

Entry requirement: Bronze Crystal (1st star)

Basic parallel ski turns on blue and red slopes, and controlled skidding

Mastering the movements

Advanced parallel ski turns, short turns, controlled skidding in all conditions, speed-seeking position

The crystal of vermeil

Entry requirement: Silver Crystal (2nd star)

Controlled parallel turns

Mastering the movements

Advanced and carved turns at the end of the curve, controlled short turns, basic jumps, initiation to all turns, and all snow conditions

The golden crystal

Entry requirement: Vermilion Crystal (3rd star)

Basic short turns on red and black slopes. Introduction to all snow and all terrain conditions

Acquisition of gestures

Expert turns in all terrains and snow conditions, expert short turns ('godille'), mogul fields, and carving mastery

The diamond crystal

Entry requirement: Gold Crystal (Bronze Star)

Short turns with a carved effect, mastery of carving on all slopes

Acquiring the movements

Mastery in all snow conditions, all terrains. Speed control mastery. Off-piste and freestyle expertise


Entry requirement: Diamond Crystal

All snow, all terrains✅

Acquiring the movements

I am fast, precise. Competitive courses are not for me. I want to learn about the mountains, escape into wide open spaces


Reduced price for ski passes

For all children over 6 years old

Enrolled in the levels:

  • Mouse
  • International crystal
  • Bronze crystal
  • Snowboard beginner
  • Silver Snowboard

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