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Groupe d'enfants en ski à Montgenèvre

ski lessons for kids

Group lessons Montgenevre

A fun experience in small groups to make skiing enjoyable for everyone! Starting at 3.5 years old, children will ski in a dynamic and playful way. Unique courses in Montgenèvre. At the end of the week, the instructor will award each child a well-deserved medal.
Un moniteur de ski avec son élève

Private lessons

Skiing or snowboarding

No matter your level, the Montgenèvre ski school will offer a package tailored to your needs and desires. From a simple session to get back on your feet to daily packages for rapid progress in optimal safety conditions, follow the advice of our experts and make the most of the Montgenèvre ski area.
les adultes apprenant à skier

Ski courses for adults

Group lessons renowned for their exceptional quality

Our packages for adults are unique! Small, homogeneous groups are supervised by experienced instructors. You asked for it, we made it happen! Whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate skier, or an expert, we have a course for you. Plus, we offer flexibility in the number of days.

un snowboarder perfectionnant sa technique

Snowboard groups

If you're looking for the best in Montgenevre

Kids and teens’ camps from 7 years up! Morning or afternoon sessions in small, tight crews. Get started or level up with our awesome snowboarding pros. Guaranteed progress, guaranteed fun!
skieur hors piste à Montgenèvre

Off-piste Montgenevre

Freeride or ski touring, our ski school adapts

During multi-day courses around Montgenèvre, or through private sessions for beginners exploration, or advanced improvement, experience off-piste skiing with Montgenèvre’s top specialists.
paysage de Montgenèvre pendant une sortie raquette

Snowshoe outings

Scenic snowshoe walks to discover Montgenèvre's most beautiful spots.

For all levels, full-day or half-day options, morning or afternoon. Make the most of your stay in Montgenèvre with our snowshoe outings. Experience breathtaking mountain landscapes.
une soirée innoubliable à Montgenevre

Evening après-ski activities

Starting from 5:00 PM, embark on an adventure with the whole family!

Are you more inclined towards: – An easy snowshoe outing to enjoy a royal fondue in a yurt tucked away in the mountains? – Or a snowmobile ride up to discover a typical meal in an Italian refuge? Two unique experiences in Montgenèvre.
école de ski Montgenèvre

Montgenèvre Ski Club for Everyone!

Every weekend throughout the ski season

The ski school forms groups based on skill levels and guides children to discover and improve their skiing abilities in a nurturing and educational environment, starting from 3.5 years old.
deus adolescents sur les pistes de Montgenevre

Teenage ski camps

Specific group lessons in small groups

Ski lessons from total newbies to pros, our school offers flex courses over a few days to max your skills and fun!
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Family Plus certified

Quality guaranteed

The Family Plus label aims to provide you with unforgettable family vacations tailored to your preferences.

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Official ski school

Qualified instructors

Whether it's racing down slopes with friends, seeking powder in the trees, or mastering the snowplow, we're here for you!

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An unforgettable experience in Montgenevre

ESI brings together 70 ski schools with over 45 years of experience.

With ESI, you benefit from a network of experts who accompany you in learning skiing in a personalized and close manner. We select innovative lessons tailored to your level and preferences.

The history of our ski school

What a story!

Pedagogy, Expertise & Passion
Unveil the story lurking behind the inception of our ski school in Montgenèvre. It's where skill, ambition, and expert vision decided to tie the knot between tradition and innovation. Each lesson embodies the spirit of craftsmanship. Let's ski down memory lane, shall we?
moniteur de ski

All instructors

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Badge included

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