Initiation and improvement

Off-piste course | Freeriding

Montgenèvre off piste

Skiers & snowboarders

1 to 4 sessions
4 riders max / group

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with an English speaking guide/instructor 🇬🇧

a discovery and improvement course
An off-piste|freeride session takes place in non-secured mountain areas around Montgenèvre. You will be accompanied by an experienced pro from the ski school who will be there to guide you to the most remote corners of Montgenèvre. The adventure at the end of the spatulas!

Off-piste skiing requires a high level of technique and experience in skiing or snowboarding. The instructors/guides who supervise these freeride outings will introduce you to environment reading in order to evolve in optimal safety conditions. Snow evolves over the weather conditions, each day the conditions encountered will be different. Powdery, heavy, crusty, traffolée, … you will discover the techniques of off-piste evolution in the best conditions

Required level
To start, you will have to like challenges and be endowed with good self-confidence. Regarding your level in skiing or snowboarding: If you have at least 1000 wipe outs to your credit and that you can descend a black run in any snow and weather condition, all with a rather academic style. Its good!

Safety gear is provided to you for each of your freeride sessions with your instructor. Backpack, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. If you have yours that’s great! But we want to take a look at it before going off-piste

Training in avalanche search techniques
During your off-piste course, one or more moments will be devoted to learning how to use safety equipment as well as procedures in the event of rescue.

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For this course you will need specific equipment
🎿 skis adapted to the practice of off-piste (all mountain or “fats”)
🪖The helmet is compulsory for all our off-piste courses.
We provide safety equipment (DVA, shovel and probe)
A back protective shell can also be a good idea…


The “classic 6-day” package is sufficient for this course.


In case of injury, illness, absence of the student, the lessons are not refundable. We recommend that you take out insurance covering such hazards

Don’t forget

a little snack in your pocket
A little pee before the start of class

Montgenèvre, an ideally located international ski area

Located on the border between France and Italy, Montgenèvre has the reputation of being one of the resorts with the best snow cover. The off-piste is therefore still magnificent there, it is not uncommon to evolve on virgin fields of powder snow several days after a snowfall.

Here are a few best off-piste of Montgenevre

The resort of Montgenèvre is renowned for its wide open spaces and the quality of its slopes. But Montgenèvre actually hides a real treasure for off-piste skiing.

Off-piste for all!

For the “first timers” as well as for the experts, Montgenèvre has a whole range of varied slopes to evolve in good conditions according to your level.

Some of the most famous off-piste tracks in Montgenèvre

Les vallons de la Doire

Ideal for “warming up”, it is an easily accessible off-piste, without too many obstacles. Basically, there’s room. Many variations are possible.

La petite Doire

Rather short but refined. Beautiful obstacles will punctuate your descent. Trees, small rocks will delight freeriders.

La combe du loup 🐺

A very easy to access start with an incredible view of the valleys of Clarée, Briançon, Serre Chevalier, Dunkirk (if you stand on tiptoe 😄). During the descent things get a little more complicated, there’s a way that the thighs heat up. but it is a very playful off-piste.

Les vallons de la Vachette

Another easy start, some “lines” will be made in the history of Montgenèvre (Maginot Fortifications). then it is the descent into the forest in a sumptuous landscape with marked mountain relief.

Le Grand Charvia

A start with skis on the shoulder. There is a small approach walk (15 to 20 minutes). And then there you are… The immensity, the snowfields as far as the eye can see, Italy, the smell of pasta, the Colosseum, Venice… Maybe I’m getting a little carried away no? The Grand Charvia remains one of my favorite.

And then there are the others.... Those that we keep secret

there are many other off-piste routes around Montgenèvre and we want to keep you a few surprises 🎁
📞 +33671633804

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Forfait à prix réduit

Pour tous les enfants de plus de 6 ans

Inscrits dans les niveaux:

  • Souris
  • Cristal international
  • Cristal de bronze
  • Snowboard débutant
  • Snowboard Argent

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For all children over 6 years old

Enrolled in the levels:

  • Mouse
  • International crystal
  • Bronze crystal
  • Snowboard beginner
  • Silver Snowboard

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