Ski school

Ski touring


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Tailor-Made Routes

an activity for everyone

Starting from Montgenevre

Alone or in a small formed group

Routes chosen based on your skill level

The mountain wide angle

From Half-Day Initiation

to full-Day adventure

the instructors|guides of the ski school

adapt to your level and experience

Embark on an adventure

Another dimension of skiing

vast spaces, fresh air, silence

just the sound of your skis cutting through the snow, syncing with your breath


away from the crowds

mandatory safety gear provided

transceiver, shovel, probe

Equipment to Bring

adapted clothing

An helmet

A little "snack"

adapted skis and boots

Split board if you're a rebel

reservation request

Ski touring is much more than a simple winter activity

it's a genuine adventure that takes us deep into the heart of majestic mountains

Gliding through pristine snowy landscapes, far from the beaten paths

offers an authentic and liberating experience

An authentic and liberating experience.

This discipline combines the raw power of nature with the skier's technical mastery, creating a unique harmony.

Each ascent is a personal conquest, each descent an exhilarating reward.

Moments spent ski touring are marked by silence, the softness of snow beneath the skis, and the adrenaline of the unknown.

A dance with the mountain, boundless exploration, a profound connection with the natural world.

Each turn is a fleeting work of art traced on the winter's white canvas.

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