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Elevate Your Child’s Skiing Game: mini-group lessons from age 3.5! our ski school is all about safety and skyrocketing progress. our instructors tailor each lesson to your child’s ability, employing dynamic and engaging techniques that build unwavering ski prowess. as the week culminates, the grand reward: a well-earned medal, a testament to their week-long dedication and growth, meticulously observed day by day.
An exceptional experience for your child!

enrolling your child in our group ski lessons ensures a fantastic experience in Montgenèvre. Our qualified and experienced instructors prioritize safety, fun, and each child’s progress.
By enrolling your child in our courses, you’re offering them much more than just ski lessons. You’re giving them the opportunity to develop new skills, build self-confidence, and create unforgettable memories in one of the most renowned ski resorts in the alps.

the promise of successful ski holidays!

By choosing our group ski lessons, you’re investing in successful family vacations. Join us for an unforgettable winter adventure, where fun and learning are at the heart of every descent. Your children will experience exceptional holidays, and so will you. Make the best choice for successful vacations: opt for our small-group ski lessons

The Micropeaks club

Beginners from 3.5 to 5 years old

4 to 6 kids per group

From €224

Details and pedagogy


Learning the basics of skiing safely.

THE advantage:

Children are not parked in an overloaded kindergarten. They attend a real ski course on the slopes with experienced instructors.


Throughout the week, children acquire new skills, such as the ability to stop, turn and descend safely on adapted tracks


Instructors use fun games and exercises to keep children engaged and motivated. At the end of the week, the children acquired skills and knowledge that will help them ski independently and safely.

The group course is perfect for beginner children who want to develop their confidence and love for skiing.

Schedules, number of kids/class

The mice

Beginners from 5 years old

4 to 8 kids per group

From €214

Rates, schedules, number of kids per class

Details and pedagogy

Group ski lessons for kids aged 5 and up. A thrilling adventure awaits young skiers with our expert and passionate instructors. Here are the 4 key highlights for our group ski lessons for beginner kids

Fun Learning:
Our instructors encourage children to have fun while learning, ensuring that this course remains an enjoyable experience for them.

We take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of children on the slopes. Safety rules will be taught throughout the course

Quick Progression:
Our instructors will tailor their teaching method to meet each child’s needs, ensuring rapid progress

Group Sharing:
Our group lessons will allow kids to ski and have fun together, share their experiences with other beginners, and make new friends.

Our beginner kids’ group ski lessons are the perfect opportunity for your child to explore new sensations on the slopes and make new friends. Feel free to contact us for more information!”

The crystals

For all children who have already skied

Crystal to diamond crystal

4 to 8 kids per group

From €214

Rates, schedules, number of students

Details and pedagogy

The "Cristal" group lessons, designed to enhance skills while providing a fun and enriching experience
Small Homogeneous Groups:

Classes are based on age and skiing level to facilitate tailored progress for each child. This approach also creates a more friendly environment and promotes interactions among the children.

Classes are based on age and skiing level to facilitate tailored progress for each child. This approach also creates a more friendly environment and promotes interactions among the children.


Children's ski lessons should be enjoyable and stimulating. Playful pedagogy is therefore essential. Ski instructors use games and practical exercises to teach skiing techniques and encourage children's participation.


Safety is a priority in teaching skiing to kids. The supervision is provided by qualified and experienced ski instructors who ensure the children's safety.

Learning and respect for rules:

Instructors also teach children safety rules to prevent accidents on the slopes.

Successful Holidays:

Our group lessons offer a unique opportunity to have a special and enjoyable mountain experience. Young skiers have the chance to meet other children and make new friends while improving their skiing level. Successful holidays are guaranteed for both children and their parents

Freeride adventure course

Responsible exploration of all-terrain, all-snow skiing | a must |
Required level: diamond

5 or 6 riders per group

From €180

Schedules, rates and number of children per instructor

Details and pedagogy

Get ready for an exhilarating experience as we dive into the world of freeride! Our freeride workshop is your chance to discover the thrill of off-piste skiing and snowboarding while mastering essential techniques and gaining a deep understanding of the challenges this sport entails. This opportunity is open to both skiers and snowboarders and promises an exciting adventure for all winter sports enthusiasts.

Here’s what you can expect from this remarkable stage:

Mountain Exploration: Immerse yourself in the beauty and excitement of skiing or snowboarding in the mountains, venturing off the beaten path. The freedom and direct connection with nature in off-piste terrain are unparalleled. However, we’ll also address the risks involved and equip you with the knowledge to navigate these challenges safely.

Technical Mastery: Learn from seasoned mountain professionals who will guide you through the intricacies of skiing or snowboarding off-piste. Develop skills such as terrain assessment, speed management, and mastering turns in diverse snow conditions. Elevate your technical prowess and become adept at conquering uncharted slopes.

Risk Awareness: As freeride gains popularity among skiers and snowboarders, it’s essential to understand the risks associated with this exhilarating practice. Our stage will ensure that participants are well-informed about potential dangers and equipped to evaluate and manage risks effectively, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Open to Expert Skiers and Snowboarders: This stage is designed for those who elegantly navigate black diamond runs (Crystal Diamond level).

Safety Gear Included: During the workshop, each participant will be provided with a backpack containing an Avalanche Transceiver (DVA), a shovel, and a probe. These essential safety tools are indispensable for off-piste excursions, and you’ll have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with their proper usage.

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of freeride, where you’ll uncover the thrills, challenges, and rewards of skiing or snowboarding beyond the marked trails. This is an experience that promises to invigorate your winter sports passion while prioritizing safety and skill enhancement.

École de ski Montgenèvre | ESI APEAK |

Route d'Italie Espace Prarial, Montgenèvre

5.0 417 reviews

  • Françoise SENEOR ★★★★★ il y a 7 mois
    Merci à toute l'équipe de l'ESI pour son accueil chaleureux, son professionnalisme et sa pédagogie! Clients de la 1ère heure pour nos petits enfants nous … read more revenons vous voir chaque année avec bonheur!
    Ces dernières vacances un merci particulier de Gaspard qui a adoré Davina et de Mathis, ravi de retrouver Lionel. Continuez comme ça et à bientôt!
    Françoise et Gilbert
  • Franck Guidotti ★★★★★ il y a 8 mois
    Des moniteurs soucieux d accompagner les enfants en douceur. Ils savent les rassurer, leur donner confiance, les encourager et les féliciter. Des cours de qualité … read more ! Merci à Mario et Kiki pour cette belle semaine. Rdv l année prochaine
  • Hélène BORDERIE ★★★★★ il y a 7 mois
    Nous repartons ravis de cette semaine de cours, les enfants comme les parents.
    Tout est très bien organisé et fluide, la communication hyper efficace et l'école
    … read more à trouvé des solutions pour s'adapter aux besoins de chacun.
    Les moniteurs et monitrices, Olivier et Eliana, étaient très disponibles, malgré un emploi du temps chargé en période de vacances scolaires de deux zones en même temps.
    Ils ont super bien accompagné les enfants, avec sérieux et bienveillance et les ont vraiment fait progresser en quelques jours grâce à des cours très bien menés au sein de petits groupes de huit enfants.
    Merci nous reviendrons l'an prochain.
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Forfait à prix réduit

Pour tous les enfants de plus de 6 ans

Inscrits dans les niveaux:

  • Souris
  • Cristal international
  • Cristal de bronze
  • Snowboard débutant
  • Snowboard Argent

Tel : +33 488036020


Reduced price for ski passes

For all children over 6 years old

Enrolled in the levels:

  • Mouse
  • International crystal
  • Bronze crystal
  • Snowboard beginner
  • Silver Snowboard

Tel : +33 488036020

☎️ : +33 671633804