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In Montgenèvre, our ski school has established itself as the best ski school for children by offering group lessons with a reduced number of kids per class and fun learning

Lessons schedules

School holidays
Sunday to Friday:
Morning: 9:10 am – 11:40 am
Noon: 11:45 am – 13:45 pm
Afternoon: 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm (December :2:15 pm – 4:45 pm)
Low season:
Morning: Sunday 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm, then Monday to Friday 9:10 am – 11:40 am
Afternoon: Monday to Friday 2:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Groupe d'enfants en ski à Montgenèvre

the Micropeak club

Beginner children from 3.5 to 5 years old

3 to 6 students max per instructor
Complimentary badge
  • A perfect formula for young beginners
  • No kindergarten!
  • A fun ski class, not a daycare
  • Real progress throughout the week
  • "amazing results, Children love it!"

    Rates and number of kids per instructor

    School holidays
  • Morning max 6 – 254€
  • Noon max 4 – 285€
  • Afternoon max 6 – 242€
  • Low season
  • Morning max 5  258€
  • Afternoon max 3 – 340€
  • 5 days course contact us
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    The mice

    Beginner kids from 5 years old

    3 to 8 Kids max per instructor
    Complimentary badge
  • Fun and fast learning.
  • A specific course for the “oldest”
  • Significant progress at each session
  • "An unforgettable experience that will remain engraved in their hearts forever!"

    Rates and number of kids per instructor

    School holidays
  • Morning max 8  232€
  • Noon max 4 – 285€
  • afternoon max 7 – 232€
  • Low season
  • Morning max 5  – 258€
  • Afternoon max 3 – 340€
  • 5 days course Contact us
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    enfants faisant du ski

    The crystals

    All the children who have already skied

    3 to 8 Kids max per instructor
    Badge included
  • Playful learning
  • Homogeneous classes
  • Adapted pedagogy
  • 5.0 510 reviews

    Rates and number of kids

    School holidays
  • Morning max 8 – 232€
  • Noonmax 4 – 285€
  • Afternoon max 7 – 232€
  • Basse saison
  • Morning max 5 – 258€
  • Afternoon max 3 – 340€
  • 5 days offer Contact us

    International crystal

    Entry Level: Bronze Mouse (Ourson) “I can make snowplow turns (elementary turn) on a green slope.” Objectives: Elementary skidded turns. Side slipping and rounded slipping turns.

    Bronze crystal

    Entry level: international crystal(flocon) “I can make elementary skidded turns on blue slopess
    Objectives: Basic parallel turns, direct line facing the slope with well-marked slope changes (dips, bumps, etc). Rounded skidding

    Silver crystal

    Entry level: Bronze crystal (1ere étoile)
    I can make parallel turns on blue and red slopes, and I have mastered skiddingObjectives: Advanced parallel turns, short turns, controlled skidding in all situations, tuck position, and downhill stepped turns

    Vermeil crystal

    Entry level:Silver crystal (2eme étoile)
    My parallel turns are completely mastered
    Objectives: Advanced turns and carved at the end, mastered short turns, basic jumps, introduction to all types of turns and all snow conditions

    Gold crystal

    Entry level: Vermeil crystal (3eme étoile)
    I can make basic short turns on red and black slopes. I can handle all snow conditions and terrains
    Objectives: Expert instructor turns on all terrains and in all snow conditions, expert short turns (“godille”), mogul fields, and mastery of carving

    Diamond crystal

    Entry level: Gold crystal (étoile de bronze et d’ argent)
    I can perform short turns with a carved effect, and I have mastered carving on all slopes”
    Objectives: Mastery in all snow conditions and terrains. Mastery of speed control. Off-piste and freestyle

    Freeride | off-piste camp

    For adventurers, entry level: diamond crystal

    6 riders max per team
    badge includes
  • Responsible exploration of skiing on all terrains and all snows
  • 3-hour sessions
  • Safety equipment included: DVA, shovel, Probe
  • Required equipment
    Skis adapted to off-piste practice
    A helmet: MANDATORY
    A back protective shell can also be a good idea…

    The freeride course is the crème de la crème of what Montgenèvre has to offer! If you want to learn how to tackle all types of snow and terrain, this is for you. An eco-friendly course where you'll master the basics of freeride in a small group. Safety, wide open spaces, and unforgettable memories await!

    Rates and schedules + number of riders per session

    School holidays
  • 5 days morning 9:00 am – 12:00 pm| 6 riders max | 280€
  • 5 days afternoon 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm| 6 riders max | 265€
  • 4 days contact us

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    S. Pouar
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    Very good experience, respected schedules, friendliness and pedagogy. In the end, everything allowed our two children to achieve the objectives initially set. (including 1 4-year-old child who started from scratch and was finally able to go down the green slopes at the end of the week). Prices almost similar to the ESF, although collective groups are much less overloaded with participants. I chose my side, thank you ESI APEAK!
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    Warm welcome and well done teaching to the ESI and to Tom, the super nice instructor of our little Hugo who is enjoying hitting the slopes thanks to his first week of lessons. It’s incredible to see such progress and such passion transmitted 😄
    Dan Williams
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    Excellent team, well organised, lots of fun, English speaking ski teachers. Highly recommend
    By choosing our kids group ski lessons, you’re investing in successful holidays for the whole family. Join us for an unforgettable winter adventure, where fun and learning are at the heart of every descent. Your children will experience exceptional holidays, and so will you. Make the best choice for successful holidays: choose our small group ski lessons.

    Continuous assessment

    At the end of the week, the great reward: a well-deserved medal, testament to the progress made throughout the week.

    ski lessons for children

    An exceptional experience for your child!

    Enrolling your child in our group ski lessons guarantees an unforgettable week in Montgenèvre.

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    Give your child the opportunity to develop new skills, gain confidence, and create unforgettable memories in one of the most sought-after ski resorts in the Alps.