Ski school

Freeride camp

Ski or snowboard

Special teenagers

Hold on tight!

It's about to get wild!

Get ready for an unforgettable journey

3-hour sessions to maximize the thrill!

level required

Diamond Crystal or Gold Board level

Get ready to explore new horizons


4 to 6 riders per group

Fun and accessible

learning should be a blast!

Responsible exploration of off-piste skiing & snowboarding in all snow conditions and terrains.

Safety gear provided

Transceivers, shovel, and probe provided for each session.

You'll also learn how to use them! 😜

Your gear

Skis or snowboard adapted for off piste


A back protection shell might also be a good idea...


The "standard" pass is sufficient for this camp.


In case of injury, illness, or student absence, lessons are non-refundable. We recommend obtaining insurance to cover such uncertainties.

Our ski school

The best choice for teenagers.

Off-piste camp rates

Ready to tear down the slopes in freeride mode?

This camp is your gateway to insane thrills! Because here, we ride safely with the pros!

Let your parents cruise the trails while you conquer the untamed!

Here, it's the responsible adventure of off-piste in all conditions, man!

Safety gear? No worries, we got you covered with transceivers, shovel, and probe.

Go for freeride skis, the helmet is non-negotiable, and a back protection shell? Yeah, that can add style and safety.

Our ski school isn't just top-notch; it's the ultimate playground for teens craving more than a basic lesson. Brace yourself for an experience that'll have you riding high!